Your mailbox cleaner!

Hello Spamela - Goodbye spam!

Spamela removes spam from your mailserver before it reaches your computer.
List of GOOD mails are separated from list of BAD mails in two windows for easy overview and deletion.

The basic version of the program is free, but if you register you will get the Premium version with features like autopilot, multiple mail-addresses and regular updates.

This is how it works..

Spamela detects spam on your server by analyzing the mail-header information and several other criteria that identifies spam.

She detects most of the spam without reading the full message.
Only if no spam is found that way, the message is finally read.

You don't have to download big spam mails to your computer.
Spamela will delete them on the server for you!

  • Uses sophisticated spam detection rules and criteria.
  • Check unlimited number of email accounts (premium).
  • Setup in minutes.
  • Delete spam automatically (premium) or manually instantly on the server.
  • Ignore emails over specified size.
  • Ignore emails with many links.
  • Ignore emails with multiple text-colors.
  • Quickly view messages in plain text or html.
  • Use friends list (import from Windows) to ensure good email reaches you.
  • Add to spammers list with a click.
  • Use Good words and Bad words list to filter spam.
  • 450.000 addresses in spam-database.