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About Spamela.

Spamela is developed by Zicom Data, providing software solutions to business since 1985.

Zicom Data is determined to offer good services, guided by your needs and wishes, and in interaction with you.

Why did I create Spamela?

In the summer I am often connected to Internet with a mobile modem.
The connection speed is rather slow, to download hundreds of spam mails
every day was very anoying and time-consuming. I had enough!

So in September 2008 I decided to start the Spamela development project.
Spamela is coded in C++ and so far I have spent 6 month on design and coding.

Spamela detects all spam after a short learning period, 95% of them without even downloading the actual mails. She removes spam directly on the mailserver.

The beta version was running late 2008, so I have enjoyed her neverending
diligence since then. No more waiting for spam to download.

Now it's Your turn!
if you download your mails to your computer and are getting lots of spam,
Spamela will be Your best mailbox cleaner.

Johan Oun
Zicom Data
Matfors Sweden

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